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Change 4 Life

Dance 4Life 60 active-minutes-a-day

Dance 4 life

Fun-Key dance Factory is part of the Changes4life movement, in order to maintain a healthy weight we need to both eat well and move more.

60 minutesWe all need to do at least 60 minutes of physical activity that gets our heart beating faster than usual. We need to do it every day to burn off calories and prevent us storing up excess fat in the body, which can lead to cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.
The great news is every Fun-Key dance class counts . . . . . . .whichever one you join!
So what are you waiting for, get yourself along to one of our fab dance classes.

Many families are making changes, which will make them live healthier and longer. Making a Change4Life doesn’t need to be difficult, it can be really rewarding and fun! For more suggestions for small, easy, steps you can make to help put you and your family happily on your way checkout the changes4life website here! NHS Change For Life

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