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Classes for 3 years and up.

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Come and see how we will build confidence and fitness in your child while they have fun in the process!

As the title says ‘fun is the key to dance’ here at the Fun-key Dance Factory.

Dancing has never been more fun and educational with our friendly professional instructors and purpose built studio, with programmes for children from three years to adults.

Not only will you develop super confidence and dazzling co-ordination but your (or your child’s) fitness and self-esteem will also improve.

In addition to the many Salford and Manchester schools we also have a full-time purpose built centre in Swinton.

Since my Granddaughter Shaunna joined Jayne’s Funkey Dance school her confidence has improved dramatically, we have seen a positive change in her, she dances three times a week and loves every minute

Jayne is a fantastic teacher and Shaunna loves, trusts and respects her.

The key word here is Fun because Jayne brings fun into her classes, the atmosphere is welcoming and relaxed, we couldn’t have made a better choice.

Sue Harrison

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Jayne has works with children from our year 5 and 6 classes (8-9 year olds). Throughout her time Jayne commitment to the children has been outstanding. The performances they have produced have been of such a high standard that the children were able to perform with confidence and enhanced ability at the Salford Schools dance festival, held at the Lowry. This raising in standards can be solely attributed to Jayne. She has given 100% effort to every class and has made a positive impact on the learning environment at St Philips. We can not recommend Jayne highly enough. We shall continue to work with her in the future, taking the progress she has already made to the next level.

Craig Heaton, Head Teacher
St Philips RC Primary School

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